Thursday, May 17, 2007

Radio Silence

Welcome to "Radio Silence", the Blog that documents the artwork of Gerben Steenks, Stephane Kardos, and Matt Cruickshank. The Exhibition opened on the 10th May 07 and closed on the 2nd June 07.

The venue was The Riverside Studios, West london. Riverside Studios.

We begin by setting up early in the morning, and finishing late that night.

Oscar Grillo graciously wrote an introduction to our show- after that we had no choice but to fight on!

From this point each of us will publish photographs and examples of the Artwork we exhibited, as well as pictures taken on various evenings- These will be in no particular order! We hope you enjoy- by the way virtually everything is for sale.

Photo montage courtesy of Matt Jones

Everyone for sale.

Opening Night photos courtesy of Ed